Last night there was smoke in our workshop. The fire department came to check and make sure the situation was safe. The source of the smoke was an old battery from 2012 which spontaneously combusted. This caused a fire in the fire containment container. This is a container in which our batteries are safely stored. The fire containment container has fortunately done its work and kept the fire in the container, allowing only smoke to escape this container.

The battery from 2012 is regularly used during events with old boats and has never had problems before. However, we know that this type of battery is highly flammable and that something as small as a misplaced connection can already be enough to cause a fire. Since this is known to us, we have taken security measures by storing the batteries in the fire containment container. We are now busy taking steps to ensure that this type of incident will not happen again.

The Fire Department has come to our workshop as soon as possible and has removed this fire containment container from the workshop in order to be able to extinguish it safely and to further investigate.

Our team, of course, was shocked by the incident. We all came to the D:Dreamhall as soon as possible to make a plan of what needs to be done. We are very fortunate that there is no damage to our boat and that nobody was harmed. That is the most important thing for us right now.

The energy box of the 2018 Solar Boat was also seriously damaged in the incident because it was in this same container. It is important for the team to switch its focus on producing a new energy box so we can use it during our race this Friday in Purmerend. In addition, the team is still in the process of repairing last week’s damage to the boat. It is a busy and demanding period during which it comes down to pure teamwork.

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