Last Monday, our boat was damaged during a test where we tested top speed. While we were flying at a speed of 50 kmph, there suddenly was a force which was too big for our rear-steering system. Therefore, our rear strut turned 90 degrees. This caused so much force on the strut that this torn apart our hull and we lost our hydrofoil at a depth of 40 meters. Because of the hole in the hull, water entered the boat which damaged the energy box and electromotor. Our team was immediately focused on making sure the boat is repaired as fast as possible to make sure we can participate in the next Solar Sport One race in just 8 days. To reach this, our team works in shifts, day and night, to repair the hull at our partner Rondal / Royal Huisman to repair and redesign the rest of the systems in our workplace in Delft.
With teamwork, we will get out of this situation even better. Our steering system is new and with a boat like this, situations like this will occur. By working hard as a team, we can prevent that something like this will happen again! #Teamwork #GoSBT

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